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Change Management
  • develop the overall strategy to design and implement a high commitment/high performance organization based on broad employee involvement, including quality management and continuous improvement
  • consult with the Steering Committee and Design Team(s) to coordinate all activities
  • delineate the vision and mission; clarify members' roles and expectations; deal with the group's dynamics and decision-making procedures
  • determine the degree of interdependence required of a self-managing team with suppliers and internal/external customers and product or service users
Organization Survey
  • identify areas for assessment of the organization's culture, management style and human resource practices
  • plan the implementation of corrective actions required to renew the organization
Executive Coaching
  • counsel managers and executives on the impact of their personal style and methods to be more effective
Process Consultation
  • provide consultation services on strategy, organizational effectiveness, helpful mechanisms, structures and systems
  • observe and provide input on meeting logistics, decision-making processes, communication patterns
  • improve participants' skills in setting qualitative and quantitative objectives, and in preparing for and conducting appraisal interviews
  • lead sessions focused on interpersonal effectiveness, leadership style, capacity to inspire others
Human Resource Planning
  • develop processes to define skills, knowledge and experience required for key positions
  • devise development approaches to ensure succession capability and linkage to the strategic business plan
Interviewing Skills
  • increase interviewers' competencies by encouraging employee/candidate self-disclosure in appraisal and employment interviews
  • train in active listening skills
Career Development
  • design a workshop featuring the integration of an individual's self-assessment with the organization's staffing needs
  • assist an individual in identifying personal values, preferences and limitations, and how to explore career alternatives during a transition or organizational restructuring
  • empower a person to prepare or upgrade their job search strategies